CoBuilders Announcement!!!!

Our latest post on LinkedIn:

“After months of keeping it under wraps, we are so happy to announce that we are 1 out of 9 companies chosen to be a part of the 2023 Microsoft CoBuilders cohort! A big congratulations to our team Aman SoniHimanshu PandeyRajat DabralRyan HopsonAnirudh Aditya, this is a huge step forward for all of us. The next three months will be very exciting for Tempo!”

The Long Road

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To be clear, we worked long and hard to get to this point. Mississippi CoBuilders’ accelerator is just a stepping stone. Mississippi invited only 9 of the 100+ top startups to work, collaborate, train, & pitch to boards of investors. Not only this is huge for Mississippi, it is huge for us. Anirudh, our CEO, pitched in at least 10 competitions after 20+ rounds of refining our 5-minute pitch through feedback after feedback. Rajat Dabral went through multiple design iterations through our mobile application & iron out glitches/bugs while pushing new features. Of course, with the help of our development team, and the previous ones before, we made it to this milestone and are forever grateful.

The Final Statement

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If anyone is reading this, I want to ensure that we at Tempo aren’t doing this for financial gain, being our own boss, or working late nights for fun. A common cultural trait everyone at Tempo shares is that we want to help other people. Our direct produce is a great product from which people can teach or learn. Our indirect products are how we treat one another, support everyone outside of work, and give back to the communities surrounding us.

Currently, we are hiring. So, if you are looking for a Backend or Flutter position, please email [email protected].

Also, feels great we are trademarked!

See ya on Tempo!

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